Product Design

We provide bespoke design solutions for a range of uses.

Whether we are providing an experience-based marketing product for a client or working on our own range of furniture, we strive to design and create items that tick both form and function boxes for the end-user. Our systematic approaches to creative thinking and problem-solving mean we can produce outcomes that connect the client to the finished product in a way that resonates with them.

Our product range includes:

  • Objects
  • Spaces
  • Interiors
  • Furniture
  • Point of sale solutions
  • ... and many others

Experiential and Interactive Installations

When it comes to marketing activations and installations, we strive to achieve meaningful, interactive connections between the objects we create and the end-user by utilising a combination of technology and electronics, in doing so we provide solutions that are fun, unique and differentiate our clients’ brands.

Public Art installations

(working with artists)

By working with artists, municipalities and communities we transform ordinary public spaces into areas that uplift and inspire.

Public art has a way of creating conversation and emotional reactions that spark new thinking and new dialogue that is a vital part of a growing and evolving society and we are always looking at new ways in which to be a part of this. From concept to creation, we work hand in hand with the artists to create pieces that pay tribute to cultures, locations in which they are found and the brands that commission these pieces.

The public art installations that we work on are designed to bring communities together and create awareness around beauty and cultural identity as well as to create an experience that will keep people returning to that same place to engage with the art again and again.

Pieces to Hire

We have an inventory of pieces that we have created in our rental inventory for our clients that enhance their existing marketing experiences and installations. We customise and brand these items for specific projects and thus provide streamline solutions that are cost-effective and have a fast turnaround time.

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