Established in 2010, Thingking is a Cape Town based design consultancy with a difference.

We strive to create visceral, immersive experiences for our clients using cutting edge design and creative engineering solutions. As a full-service, turnkey design studio we see all of our projects through from concept to prototype to the final product

The pieces we create are always much more than just what you see.

Our work is multilayered with elements of fluidity and movement about it: there is an immersive aspect to what we do which means that there is always an interaction or intervention involved on the part of the participant - which adds to the experience through some form of action being carried out.

So, it stands to reason that in all our work human interaction is key, to the point that we almost always create pieces that involve a choice of some sort for the user, to make sure that they truly engage with the final product.

Our work is very focussed on the idea of game and play which we empahsise with colour, music and dynamic visuals that have been carefully created to enhance the user experience.

We are constantly pushing boundaries, thinking outside the box and seeing how we can create things in a way that no one else can.

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