Project Overview

The good people at AndPeople commissioned us to create an immersive, interactive billboard for Glenfiddich – The Challengers Bar. The concept behind the Challengers Bar was that of the maverick, or change maker. The idea was to create a space where leaders in various disciplines and across a variety of industries would come together and use their experience and passion to forge new paths forward through interaction and the exchange of ideas. By challenging the traditional use of outdoor media, which conveys a message, we created a space where the message was created and then communicated via a variety of platforms, including recording and broadcasting podcasts of sessions in the Challengers Bar via Metro FM.

Technical Details

The space had to fulfill several requirements: be a fully functional outdoor billboard, be an original space that reflects the boundary pushing nature of the brand, while maintaining an element of sophistication and elegance that Glenfiddich is synonymous with. It also had to have all the technology required to record and broadcast live sessions. The brief also stated that this would be a moveable installation, so had to be easy to assemble, breakdown, transport and reassemble elsewhere.

By using warm tones and textures of copper and oak, we created a plush whisky bar feel. The three metre ‘donut’ table brought all the players together around the table for the recorded sessions, and was where the real magic happened for the client. We added a playful element with the hanging microphone and light installation, which also showcased one of the fundamental elements of the concept and that is the voice of experience calling out to and supporting those who are breaking new ground.

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