Project Overview

Levi’s Haus of Strauss Africa, in Johannesburg, was a first not only for South Africa, but for the continent as a whole. One of four Haus of Straus spaces in the world, Haus of Strauss Africa was designed to celebrate the African creator expression through style. Like its counterparts in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles, the intention behind Haus of Strauss Africa was that it become the new hangout for musicians, actors, designers, influencers, style and thought leaders in the creative revolution that is reshaping the way we see ourselves in the world. The space has been designed as a platform for the African Creative Renaissance and to give the creators of today a space to live in Levi’s.

The space embodies all the history of the brand, while looking into its future at the same time – a future of co-creating, of breaking down old barriers and forging ahead in new directions. From the initial design, ongoing collaborations and project managing the build and overseeing the details, this was a project that sparked our creative passion, combined new ways of doing things with the history of a brand that is over 100 years old and saw us working with one of our favourite clients.

Technical Details

The spaces have been designed to create a sense of ease, warmth and to reflect the key elements of the brand. There is an elevated tailor shop that has been kitted out with the best equipment and is manned by the top people in the industry to reflect the incredible quality and cutting edge nature of the brand. There are several lounge areas where creatives can ease into their process and get down to doing what they do best. There is a content studio set up, along with changing rooms that can be personalised with your own lighting and soundtrack.

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