Project Overview

In 2019 we collaborated with renowned artist Dave Brits on his light sculpture for the Spier Festival of Lights. Aptly entitled Fire Snake, the 70-metre art installation was draped in a 300-year old oak tree that holds a place of pride in the old farmstead. The light sculpture was majestically hung from the vast network of branches, evoking images of a gigantic snake coiled up in repose. The nature of the three and the way in which the elements were arranged created a timeless suspension of light, movement, and magic. Reminiscent of the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros, the snake devouring its own tail, the artwork appears to have no starting point or end point.

Fire Snake from Thingking

Technical Details

This incredible piece of art was created using 140 metres of addressable LED lights that were built into the structure. It was then wired up and tested to ensure the maximum visual impact was achieved – movement, fluidity and largesse. We worked very closely with arborists when it came to the installation itself to ensure that the piece was hung in such a way that there was no adverse impact on the 300-year-old oak.

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