We were asked to make it possible to trigger a sound or loop whenever a drink was dispensed and link this sound to a physical element attached to the dispenser. We consulted with Brendon Bussy and opted to focus on the inherent sounds and visuals within the machine. In a sense we aimed to amplify the machine both in terms of the sounds that its makes and the partially unseen things that take place internally.

Cameras were placed in areas of mass movement as were contact microphones in places with interesting sound. We played a bit with the audio visual mix of these elements and arrived at an overall machine feeling. Sounds such as the motors moving, the drink being knocked around and coins clinking were all amplified through 2 speakers placed on-top of the dispenser. Two monitors abreast of these speakers played real time footage of the goings on inside the machine.

Recently we have also added a top box with twitter activated vending: