This project initiated through our work in Velhokaya looked via a simple addition to increase the functionality of a very nice bucket.

Vessels as one of the most ubiquitous cultural artefacts take many forms, the earliest being leather sheaths and clay pots. Right now we mostly have plastic buckets which can also meet needs of storage, cleaning and apparently seating. The complete and utter usefulness of this object ensures its longevity.

(Lyall has one of these bucket seats in his home. He uses it for dirty washing and occasionally seating. The other day he emptied it to do some hand washing, after which the bucket was used with a mob to swab the floors. Lyall left the bucket outside to dry. When he came home he found that his house-mate had been using the bucket to mix compost. Apparently the night before the bucket had also formed part of a ethical mouse trap.)

So we had a conversation with someone from the studio next to us. We spoke about illustration and router bits and decided to combine the two. Only Today are a collective of designer/ illustrators and we decided to collaborate on the basis of their doing the illustrations while we would incorporate the results into the 'bucket that is a seat'.

The artist's 6mm pen stroke was substituted for a 6mm cutting bit. This bit cut through a black surface; essentially painting/cutting in wood.

The initial bucket seat, made for Velokhaya had been very nominal, the 2nd re-purposed chipboard version had been a raw interpretation and the third i.e. collaboration with Only Today has the feeling of a polished product. It is quite interesting to have 3 versions of something.