Inspired by Hat-tricks’ My dad’s garage is full of spider’s and Michael Marriot’s exhibition ‘economy of means’ we approached a wood workshop (about 200m from our studio) that buys scrap wood from the local trolley recycler/foragers. We asked them to cut squares out of pre-used chipboard which is what many of the local vendors around Cape Town use to create tables or temporary seats. Not being particularly weather resistant chipboard tends to break apart. Trying to keep things basic, we drilled a hole which would act as a handle while allowing objects stored inside the bucket to breathe. We also cut thin locating strips of chipboard which were then screwed onto the underside of the chipboard squares.
The following images show the result. What is interesting is that each piece of re-purposed chip-board has its own character in a very literal way. By observing all the details that have through anonymous use, marked the board, something quite beautiful can be recognised.
Finally we decided to run with two base impulses without evaluating them too much. On some of the boards we printed colour gradients and on one or two we printed leopard skin. We saw the initial impulse to print an animal onto the board as being quite lame but with a bit of closer observation saw that the leopard skin is actually a collection of smaller faces while echoing the furriness of decaying chip-board.